Henry Deparade Exhibition Oman Culture Week at the Art Center Berlin Chinese Artists - Golden Times Art from Pyogyang Korea Art from the Caja de Extremadura Michael A. Russ - Rough Print

     Scroll down for impressions of projects at the Art Center Berlin / 2008

Michael A. Russ - ROUGH PRINT             Sigrid Oltmann             Erbacher             Helmut Marrat             Seventh Continent - Images of Madagascar            

Pesci             Contemporary Art from Bahrain             Art from Pyongyang Korea             Katya Medvedeva             Liu Ren - Photography            

Walter Womacka             Wayne Quilliam - Photography             Festival of Lights             Europe and Asia today             Jinaun Kim            

Long Night of the Museums 2008             Henry Deparade             Roham Fayazi             Aboriginal Art - Exhibition 2008             Ivar Kaasik - Painting            

Oman Culture Week             Heidi Rufeh - Encaustic             Art from the Cajy de Extremadura             Taylor Factory - Geneva             Boris Bucan - Painting            

Cames - Objects             Charlotte Kollmorgen - Paintings             Golden Times - Contemporary Art from China             Wilson McCord / New York             Oliver Saint-Pierre            

            Art from Madagascar             Masterworks from South Korea             Pete Dine - Big Pictures