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Aboriginal Art Australia

Aboriginal Art Australia

till August 30th, 2008

EMILY KAME KNGWARREYE, LONG JACK PHILLIPUS TJAKAMARRA, MINNIE PWERLE, PADDY SIMS JAPALJARRI, RONNIE TJAMPITJINPA, GLORIA PETYARRE, the artist list of the exhibition includes more than 25 names of protagonists of the indigenous art scene in Australia.

Besides the Aboriginal Art, visitors can explore the oldest still-existing culture of the world as well as the fascinating nature of the Fifth Continent. Authentic films and the impressive works of the Australian photographer Wayne Quilliam are other highlights of the exhibition.

The 40,000+ year-old culture of the Aborigines has no written language, but has been relayed from generation to generation through stories of the Dreamtime, and through songs and ceremonies, the Corroborees. The Dreamtime, the perpetual creational process beginning many moons ago, is the central detail in the mythology of the Aborigines.

The success story of Aboriginal Art begins in 1971 in Papunya the first time coloured paintings on canvas were made and entered the art market. This relatively young art has developed rapidly in recent years. The works of the most brilliant artist of Aboriginal Art can be found in the meantime in important international museums and great collections. Sotheby's attains for works of Aboriginal Art at new top prices year to year.