art place berlin - forum for contemporary art and intercultural projects
Past exhibition: Berlin Impressions - Photography
Past exhibition: Beatrix Echt - Photography
Past exhibition: Said Tiraei - Painting
Past exhibition: SIGNS - painting, sculpture, graphics and photography
Past exhibition: painto - impressionistic photography by Gottfried Römer
Past exhibition: Uni-Korea Art Exhibition - From Baekdu to Halla - Painting
Past exhibition: Berlin Impressions II - Photography
Past exhibition: Marek Saenderski - Artistic Reality and Unreality in 3 Dimensions

Past exhibitions at art place berlin

2009 - 2019

art place berlin - past exhibitions

Earlier exhibitions
at the former Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse

2005 - 2010

Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse - past exhibitions

Delphic Art Movie Award


Delphic Art Movie Award 2011

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