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Europe and Asia today

Europe and Asia today

till October 4th, 2008

Contemporary art from two continents

Joint exhibition of the German Gallery Artodrome and the South Korean Gallery Ho at the Art Center Berlin

After several joint exhibitions of the two galleries, incorporating to the International KG Gallery two years ago, they now present their German-South Korean exhibition in Berlin for the first time.

The Art Center is well known location, based on experience of the Gallery Ho which has exhibited there last year.

There will be presented paintings, sculptures and installations of German and South Korean artists. The special thing about it: in order to provide sufficient space to every of the 60 artist and their 160 artworks, the paintings will be changed weekly. The sculptures and installations will be displayed during the whole exhibition.

Thus are shown sculptures of the international distinguished Swiss artist Jürg C. Bächthold, which want to impart the connection of past and present with the material tone. With such a "historical" material Matthias Trott works as well. The German object artist produces great sculptures out of 400 year old wood. Remaining the ghost lines by the chain saw on purpose the objects are reduced to the most substantial of the artistic design. For the first time Stefan Pieger's so called "Earth-furniture" ("Erdmöbel") will be presented, a coffin transformed into a usual piece of furniture. Christine Kunkler shows her installation "The Ten Commandments for the Art Lover". These ten canvas tablets aren't ment to be deductive, as they want to be an "encouraging accompanying letter through the world of the art" which furthermore puts the estimation of art by today's commercial market into question.

Several painters from Germany, Austria, Poland and Switzerland show partly provocative current contemporary art. The Swiss are represented by Christine Aebischer, WALT, Susanne Senn, Anton Buri, Andreas Tschannen, Gabriella Di Salvo, Leo Braun and Kuno Vitzthum. Austria presents the promising young artist Manuel Lunardi and the painters Gerlinde Kosina and Martina Schettina. Most of the artists come from Germany: Ulla Wobst, Franziska Haas-Strasser, Heino Karschewski, Thorsten Frank, Susanne Bockemühl, Ralf Bittner, Lieselotte Schwennesen, Angela Anders, Heinz Spremberg, Harald Schuppe, Simone Sikora, Dietmar Israel, the Polish-born DON and the Berliner Heike Huismann.

South Korea is represented by 30 artists.

With Gie-Hee Chang, one of the Korean artists noted for their novel concepts and serious attitude toward their work, the Gallery Ho shows digital printings. Oral movement while speaking has been photographically documented. With her series "Feminism C's Report" Yeon-Jung Ji brings the subject feminism into the exhibition. Since Postal Colonialism and Postmodernism coin theoretical controversies, the human body is one of most important discussion subjects. In Korea feminism is a political issue since in the eighties the "comfort women", who have been drawn for the sexual satisfaction of Japanese soldiers during World War II, appeared before the public and demanded an official apology. For the state this movement is a provocation, which damages the state's "purity". Furthermore a new self-confidence as women has been stimulated. Not often you have an opportunity to see art of this issue.

A totally different issue shown is for example the microbiology. Mi-Sook Park, whose works are part of the Gallery Ho portfolio as well, is "talking with cells". In his so called series he paints these diminutive parts of life. The artist Dong-Hee Oh presents human images. Beside the composer Jean Sibelius i.a. even Horst Köhler and Angela Merkel have been portrayed.

Prof. Dr. Ki-Woong Park, the curator of this exhibition, director of the Gallery Ho and artist, presents an own artwork as well. For "Light of heaven" (2008) from his series "Iron Age", which he is creating since 2001, the priority is given to the material iron. Park's works, which are deeply founded on philosophy and religion and as usual for Postmodernism - including current social issues, not only want to criticize modern society, but also call for a change. The main feature is the method of "deconstruction". Thus Park attacks the carelessness with witch people encounter destruction in everyday life. And what would make more sense for demonstrating deconstruction than working with that material, which means modern society?

With the iron Park doesn't mean to produce any sculptures, but paintings. Paintings shouldn't be limited to the spreading of pigments or colour, but include the painting with liquid iron as well. The steel of the Berlin exhibit "Light of heaven" has been additionally pigmented with colour.

Other works of Ki-Woong Park can be seen in another exhibition of the Art Center Berlin in the 4th floor.

"This exhibition wants to deliver insight into the variety of artistic work, document streamings and demonstrate similarities and differences of artistic forms of expression", as the directors of the two galleries say. That's why the exhibition doesn't follow a guiding theme. The viewer should find out the similarities and differences between the works, artists and countries by himself and become part of the dialogue between Korea and Germany.