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Michael A. Russ

U. ERBACHER - Paintings
upcoming December 6th, 2008

Ursula Erbacher was educated as young woman in figurative painting using oil and water colour techniques. The figurative art didn't satisfy her artistic intension. For the last ten years her artistic work can be defined as informal, process-like, and material. With her substance acryl she can experiment with the effects of the colour. Ursula Erbacher is using different materials, including sand, stones, and paper. The surface of her paintings are relief-like and challenge the haptic sense of the observer.

Erbacher is rather working with the structure of the colour than with forms. This is typical for the informal, process-like style of the 1950s. She don't want to be just formless, but tends to the emotional effect of the colour. Her intension is to inspire through her paintings interests, fantasies, and emotions in the observer.