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Antonio Santin Benito - Portraits

"JUAN MEDINA" by Antonio Santin, Oil, 120x90cm

Antonio Santin Benito - Portraits

"NURIA FUSTER" by Antonio Santin, Oil, 180x130cm

Antonio Santin Benito - Portraits

"XAVI" by Antonio Santin, Oil, 180x160cm

till February 28th, 2007

Santín was born in 1978 at Madrid. He studied at the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid" and the "Athens School of Fine Arts". Years before he graduated, Santín was already present at several museums and galleries of Madrid and achieved several high awards for his art. Therefore his academic degree became a mere formality for an artist, who was already a master at the beginning of his career.

Whoever looks at the faces inside the works of Santín will understand why he is not only famous at his home county and his chosen home Berlin, but why his art is already being collected by museums. His pictures transport far more but the nearness of the shown person. The fine and artistic alienations make it possible to understand the character of the displayed people and the viewer understands how masterful the painter presents the persons as animated creatures.

The subtle differences in flow, surface, light and structure, which are corresponding to the characters of the real persons, create perfect images of the human beings, formed by Santín.

Awards, grants and commisions

2007 Centre d'Art Contemporani Piramidon, artist in residence, Barcelona
2006 First award "XV premio nacional López-Villaseñor"
2006 Künstlerhaus Glogauer, artist in residence, Berlin
2005 Goya Leonardo Grant in Architektur-Modelle-Berlin
2004 Universidad Complutense Ayllon Grant
2003 Erasmus Grant, Athens Fine arts school
2002 First award and commision for the monument "Homenaje a la Antigua" Universidad de Madrid in Madrid historical centre, c/pez (E.M.V)
2002 First award Fine f. Sculpture
2002 Mention of honor "Plaza de Chueca monument", public competition (E.M.V)
2001 First award "Artistas de nueva cosecha" Luis Gurpegui Muga
2000 Artist in residence grant "Museo López-Villaseñor"

Public works

"Monument to the old University of Madrid", C/Pez. Madrid

"Museo de escultura al aire libre de Cabra", Córdoba

Antonio Santin Benito - Portraits

"AUTORRETRATO" by Antonio Santin, Oil, 180x130cm