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Gaspar Jemec

Exhibition by Gaspar Jemec at the Art Center Berlin Friedrichstrasse

GASPER JEMEC - "Mental Screens"
Painting and Sculpture

till February 28th, 2007

The newest pictures of Gasper Jemec are full of philosophy; he transforms elements of the material world to combine them with his own awareness of beeing. These works concentrate of his world of imagination, a precise world of experience - source and goal at the same time.

Gasper Jemec is an artist of his generation, using the new media a lot. He steps as well across the boundaries lying between art practices and techniques, but this fact seems to perish, because of the flood of information and signs in his works. Jemec thoroughly keeps up the historical painting traditions, modifying and developing them. He applicates the acrylic colour, he uses for his canvases, in layers and form dense zones. Gasper Jemec develops his works in cycles: Transcribing specific experiences from one cycle into the other, he himself experience changes resulting in various positions for one and the same theme. It is a distinct behaviour not to repeat.

The spontaneous and accidental moment in his earlier works is replaced by now well-thought compositions, sometimes letting the spontaneity through, because of an unsolved problematic. The compositionary approach is in its core far-reaching and monumental, regardless of the format.

Bostjan Soklic, Kustos of the museums of Skofja Loka