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Andreas Durrer - Work in Progress

Andreas Durrer - Work in Progress

till 20th May, 2006

A Feast of Color

Take a dive into the pictures of Andreas Durrer - it is an adventure!

Sometime painters create nothing more out of plain color - but plain color! The real painter, on the contrary, uses his color as a medium between reality and fantasy.

Andreas Durrer brings color into motion. The motion will separate it from reality and turn it into a living material; and a world between space and perspective will open up. The painter gives the color its vitality back - without forcing the color under the dictate of reality. Only the freedom and power of his inner self will limit the colors in their flow.

Paul Klee once said: "Art will not reproduce the visual reality - but art makes things visual." This sentence is very fitting concerning Durrer. He was born at Switzerland and he works for a school of painters at Basel.

Andreas Durrer was always in the flashlight of the public. His works got very good feedbacks at several exhibitions and art conventions. At the Art Center Berlin the artist will present his newest project, it is called ?Work in Progress?. Not only his pictures, but also the artist will be present as well. He will be there to create new paintings right at the Art Center! The visitor will get a chance to learn about the process of the creation of new masterpieces and by interaction he can learn about the present objects.

A world without color is like a cloudy day ? you can improve this situation by visiting us!

Andreas Durrer - Work in Progress