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Peter Lindenberg - Painting

Peter Lindenberg - Painting

till January 15th, 2007

Born 1965 in Braunschweig,

1987-1994 studied at the Hochschule für bildende Kunst in Braunschweig,

since 1995 he lives in Berlin,

various exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

The new paintings of Peter Lindenberg seem uncomfortable and out of tune by first sight. The broad, coloured, structured alleys run parallel to the frame and press the emerging spacial depth back into the image plane.

The calendar is occupied with the seasons, different landscapes: you see the horizon of the sea or the first rape fields after a long winter.

You can call his approach ?Romantic Constructivism?, classified like in the 19th century. But the landscape is a construct in fact, evolved artifically from the memories, direct and without prepatory drawing on the canvas, just following the balance of the composition. Plants emerge, are repainted, new ones come up and are covered with planes, until the theme is found.

Peter Lindenberg grew up in the Lüneburger Heide, grabbing the large fields and forests in front of his window in his childhood and youth. After his studies he moved to Berlin, where fire walls and streets prevent the view into the width. In his paintings the construct of the city is mixing with the impressions of the landscape.

- Maximilian Richard -