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Edith Eidner - Malerei

till April 10th, 2006

Edith Eidner was born in 1947 in Villingen, Baden-Württenberg, and began with autodidactic studies in painting in 1977. She studied some semesters of philosophy at the University of Karlsruhe and published her first book of lyrics in 1985: "Hoffnungsvoller Morgen" (Hopeful Morning), "Julio" followed five years later. Since 1993 she had exhibitions from Germany to Venezuela. Several study trips from East Asia to South America inspired and still inspire her paintings.

The Artist Edith Eidner invites you to take a promenade into her paintings. The landscape through which it will guide you is colorful, moving, and touching. This scenery forms itself in a mental space made of recognition and remembrance. It has "highs and depths, swirls, quite islands and somewhat uncontrollable drifts..." The entrance is made possible by an implied realism and it leads directly into the world the artist has experienced. There are rich knowledge and long travels into many parts of the world connected, and they are enlarged to vast free spaces that make communication, contemplation and sensual cognition possible. Edith Eidner combines form and contour artfully with expressive and luminescent colors, she uses her"... outstanding ability in painting" and her knowledge about how to compose a picture, and creates at her medium- and large sized paintings vibrating, energy loaded fields, that catch the attention of the viewers."

With the words of the art historian Dr. Langer: "a paintress out of passion, vital, virtuosic, direct and full of feelings" with a distinctive style.

In 2006 Edith Eidner exhibited her color intensive and expressive oil and acrylic paintings at the ART CENTER BERLIN FRIEDRICH-STRASSE. The exhibition was called "Spaziergang / Leisure walk".