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Paintings by Tomohisa Ishizuka, Ivar Kaasik, Alexander Kosyak and Raphael Pollack

Paintings by Ivar Kaasik, Alexander Kosyak,
Tomohisa Ishizuka and Raphael Pollack

Four Positions of Contemporary Painting

February 27th - June 14th, 2014

The exhibition brings together works by four artists of different generations and characterized by diverse cul- tural influences their countries of origin on three conti- nents. As different as their individual path to art is also the style of their painting. From photo-realistic to abstract and minimalist elements, the exhibition covers a wide spectrum of contemporary painting. However, all four artists share the great passion and dedication to painting and the effort, to live off and with their art, free and independent.

Tomohisa Ishizuka / Japan, *1980

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Ivar Kaasik / Estonia, *1965

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Alexander Kosyak / Russia, *1957

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Raphael Pollack / USA, *1942

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The four artists

from left: Alexander Kosyak, Raphael Pollack, Ivar Kaasik and Tomohisa Ishizuka at the vernissage

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