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III Delphic Games 2009 Jeju / Korea

Impressions of the opening / Photos by S. & A. Sperl

May 15th - July 12th, 2010

Delphic Games

The Delphic Games of the Modern Era - a stage for worldwide Dialogue of Cultures
For almost 1000 years, ancient Greek history has told its story of The Delphic Games. At that time until the year 394 they were considered as one of the most important festivals and took place one year prior to the Olympic Games. Whilst the Olympic Games had its priority in the body-oriented competition, the Delphic Games focused towards the artistic competition. They had such a high priority in ancient times that even wars and conflicts had to stop during the time of the games.

100 years after the revival of the Olympic Games of the Modern Era, 1994 in Berlin the founding Assembly of the International Delphic Council took place reviving the Delphic Games of the Modern Era. The IDC arranges for the Delphic Games and the Junior Delphic Games to take place within a four-year period but two years apart on changing destinations of the world. Georgia hosted the I Junior Delphic Games 1997, a historic moment. The III Delphic Games 2009 took place 2009 in Jeju / Korea. The competition took place in 6 Delphic Art Categories and its disciplines.

"I can think of no model more worthy of emulation than the Greek. They placed the refinement of body, mind and spirit on one indivisible altar to life. This trinity must be revered and cultivated." Lord Yehudi Menuhin, April 1997

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