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Friedrich Sebastian Feichter

till 31. Jan. 2010

Friedrich Sebastian Feichter was born in 1962. From 1977 to 1980 he attended the Schnitzschule St. Jakob in Ahrntal, Austria. In the years 1987 and 1988 he studied at the advanced Technical Academy School in Graz, Austria, and there he visited the master class.

In the 90ies he began with the cycle Homo solaris. This cycle represents a further development to his previous works, wherein the nature was picked up as central motif. From this almost humanized botanical sculpture, Feichter succeeded to Homines solares Solar Humans. They are similar to human beings from any further future, or, with Feichter`s own words, Humans of the third millennium.

In autumn 1996 he had a dream: I was surrounded by many creatures with round bodies and long legs, which hovered and moved above the floor, their bodies bordered a complete form, a basic form, approximately like a ball or an egg. Only their legs are the last contact to the ground.

Feichter is transforming this vision of a future existence of man in his filigree-elegant and cheerful-animated sculptures. He is using wood for his works, which he paints, or stone which he polishes, but aluminium and concrete, too. Thereby he is working with the materials that the direct connotation gets lost (As for e.g. the heaviness the stones). Feichter manages to combine the different materials to a harmonic arrangement.

Despite their dimensions the Homines solares appear neither aggressive nor ominous but are emanating facility and light heartedness. They overcame the contrasts of nature and live in another world far, far away from us. Right now this harmony between the human beings and nature seems to be nearly utopical.

Friedrich Sebastian Feichter`s Solar Humans were since 1997 very successful at the international art exhibitions in entire Europe. Shortly the first performance with 40 sculptures from Passo Valparola, 2500 m high was situated in the Savages landscape of the dolomites and became a big interest to the press and the public, responded ardent. The latest works of the Homo solaris cycle from Friedrich Sebastian Feichter will be presented at the Art Center Berlin.