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Iva Milanova - Paintings

IVA MILANOVA, "La bocca e la verità"
till 15th June 2007

Bulgarian-born German artist Iva Milanova lays down a richly textured impasto. Her thickly painted icon-laden works brim with life and color. Especially active, her palette of primary and secondary color shouts out to viewers with a lusty energy for life. Milanova's splendid images compare basic shapes to abstract symbols. It is an inter-related world where people become pattern and vice-versa. Eyes are formed from mirrored arcs and co-centric circles become pupils. Hers is a musical improvisation of form and color. It basks in moments of discovery, disassembly, and instantaneous recognition. Through a range of forms she builds both complex and simple symbolic meaning. Milanova has shown in Germany, Italy and in the United States, and has also been chosen to participate in a exhibition during the Venice Biennale. She obtained degrees in art history and archeology from the Humboldt-University in Berlin and was educated at the University of Arts in Sofia for three years. (Agora Gallery, Soho/Chelsea, New York)